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whenever i get low on money i start thinking really irrationally like what if i hadn’t spent that $10 back in 2004 

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I am fairly convinced that Red Pandas are not real.



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"It’s God consiousness when you have means to do haram things but you abstain yourself because Allah is watching you."

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"If you cannot sit by yourself for an hour, two hours or three hours without reaching for your phone; you have serious problems before your Lord and you will have difficulty in your grave. If we cannot learn to sit by ourselves, facing the Qiblah, in solitude and darkness, head lowered in a state of Muraqabah and realising that Allāh ﷻ sees us. Then when we die and are placed in our graves, there will be a deep sense of alienation. We have to learn how to do this now. Our lives are short and our days are limited. The more we go through this process now, the easier it will be when we meet our Lord ﷻ."

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35 Ways to Respect your Parents

1. Put away your phone in their presence
2. Pay attention to what they are saying
3. Accept their opinions
4. Engage in their conversations
5. Look at them with respect
6. Always praise them
7. Share good new with them
8. Avoid sharing bad news with them
9. Speak well of their friends and loved ones to them.
10. Keep in remembrance the good things they did.
11. If they repeat a story, listen like it's the first time they tell it.
12. Don't bring up painful memories from the past
13. Avoid side conversations in their presence.
14. Sit respectfully around them
15. Don't belittle/criticize their opinions and thoughts
16. Avoid cutting them off when they speak
17. Respect their age
18. Avoid hitting/disciplining their grandchildren around them
19. Accept their advice and direction
20. Give them the power of leadership when they are present
21. Avoid raising your voice at them
22. Avoid walking in front or ahead of them
23. Avoid eating before them
24. Avoid glaring at them
25. Fill them with pride even when they don't think they deserve it.
26. Avoid putting your feet up in front of them or sitting with your back to them
27. Don't speak ill of them to the point where others speak ill of them too
28. Keep them in your prayers whenever possible
29. Avoid seeming bored or tired of them in their presence
30. Avoid laughing at their faults/mistakes
31. Do a task before they ask you to
32. Continuously visit them
33. Choose your words carefully when speaking with them
34. Call them by names they like
35. Make them your priority above anything
Parents are treasure on this land and sooner than you think, that treasure will be buried. Appreciate your parents while you still can.
"Rabbir Hamhuma Kama Rabbayanee Sagheera".
"My Lord! Bestow on them YOUR Mercy as they did bring me up when I was young."
[Al-Qur'an, Surah: Al-Isra; Ayat: 24]


this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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Be patient. For what was written for you was written by the greatest of Writers.

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